WH&E M1 1 : 3 PHC Chiswick M3

There was a sense of deja vu as the L1s finished their game and the M1s rocked up to take on PHC Chiswick 3’s.

Last time out at the sun-bathed Southbury pitch there were some frayed tempers and toys thrown from prams. No need for the deja vu concerns though. In fact, the villain of the piece turned things on their head and won a well-deserved man of the match this time out! With some top saves, and a command of his D, Josh got 8 MOTM votes – a landslide! Maybe the presence of not one but two Dom’s helped Josh keep a level head? Either way – we were glad to have some new blood and delighted to have our revered Club Chair back.

Ollie (aka Captain Bambi) slid around the pitch and looked like he’d been practising hurling with some questionable ‘aerials’. He only avoided DOTD because Jake destroyed the first aid kit with a panicked under-pressure clearance.

All that aside, the game was hard fought. WH&E nabbed a good goal midway through the first half. A well delivered short corner, with a fiery strike from Joe was turned in with an impressive, delicate, carefully executed edge from Dan. In his words ‘it was a screamer from 2 yards out’. How did he feel about his goal, ‘I’m just so glad to be involved, and I’m enthused and excited to get my first goal of the season’.

Once we’d established the early lead the pressure increased from Chiswick. Their relentless high-press meant two WH&E teammates said afterwards ‘at one point I was counting how many players they had on the pitch’.

Their pressure told, and a sloppy defensive lapse gifted the opposition an equaliser before half time.

Then, a moment to regroup. Much needed.

Half time oranges, an ideal antidote for Asher’s poorly tummy. His words: ‘I thought I was going to throw up – I thought my match was done…’ – ten minutes on the bench and he was back. Good lad.

But alas, our energy lapsed, disorganisation and panic set in and we opened up. That allowed Chiswick to score their second, a well struck shot into the far corner of the net – Jake might’ve deflected it wide, Josh might’ve got a right hand to it, but the pace was too much. 2-1.

15 minutes to go. We turned a corner. Looked like we could grab a goal with some pressure. But it wasn’t to be. Ollie’s rugby tackle on his own teammate, some average defending and it was quickly 3-1. And the end came soon after. We asked Ollie how he felt after the game, ‘a bit gutted, I even self-voted DOTD’.

So, a sad end to a decent run. But a fun game played in good spirits, with two umpires who whistled well. Next week, as Captain Bambi galavants to Milan, hopefully goal-getter-Vice-Captain-Dan will lead us to victory at Hampstead and Westminster. Here’s hoping!

Written by Jake Tasker this week’s DOTD.

WH&E L1 1 : 8 Hampstead & Westminster W5

The ladies turned up to Southbury to play Hampstead and Westminster. It was ridiculously hot #globalwarmingisreal.

There was a minor issue…. we all turned up to play hockey but forgot to actually play. One moment of brilliance a lovely link up between Abbi and Vicki in front of goal reduced our deficit to 2-1…. then we decided that was enough, completely forgot how to play hockey and especially forgot which team we’re supposed to pass to.

Final score was a lot more than 2-1. Nic lay on the floor after one of them and after the oppo checked she was OK – she said “I’m just sad”….

We’ve moved on already. Next week a 4pm push back somewhere far away…

MOTM – Karen and Vicki, they seemed to remember to play more than the rest of us
DOTD – everyone else

WH&E M2 0 : 3 Osterley M2

A trip round the M25 for the M2s for a lunchtime pushback against an experienced Osterley. Calum stepping in for a debut at Centre Back, with a returning Piriyan and Ellis to the starting line-up.

A rough start with two quick Osterley goals from a quick free hit and a subsequent short corner, which was almost blocked off the line by Calum but for an unfortunate bounce deflected it over his stick, followed by a quick counter attack with some clever Osterley play to lead 3-0. Jonny pulled one back after a well worked passing move to go into half time at 3-1.

A solid half-time team talk led to a more invigorated Winchmore, with lots of silky passing from Tom and Theo, creating lots of opportunities and winning numerous short corners. This led to Winchmore getting their second from a crafty short corner routine between John Lappin and our scorer of the second, Jonny with four minutes to go.

Winchmore pushed hard for an equaliser with some commanding performances in defence and midfield, but a last-minute free hit slipped through a stick to an Osterley player 1v1 for a finish of 4-2. A well fought second half which deserved a draw against a technical Osterley side.

WH&E L2 2 : 6 West Herts W3

A pictorial report from the L2s this week…

WH&E L1 7 : 0 Eastcote L3

OK nobody panic….I mean it. No one panic!

The ladies 1s won 7-0…..yes 7-0.

It was yet another sunny day at Southbury, the ladies arrived ready to go and there were no snails on the pitch to rescue….missing Beth and Abbi we were concerned but with T joining us and Kate available due to the 2s cancelled game we were hopeful we could still get a good result.

We started strong, very strong, a goal coming in the first few minutes from a very composed Karen Gray at the back post. Two more goals coming in the 1st half from some lovely 1-2 play between Kate and Evie and another when Sam decided she knew how to sort of drag flick the ball….don’t ask her to do it again….as demonstrated when she then tried to aerial the ball only to plant it firmly into Amy’s back .

Then the 2nd half started and Karen went mad, 3 more goals coming in very similar guise from crosses to the back post. A final goal from Karen Goode when Sam yet again proved that she really didn’t know how to flick it because Karen had to take evasive action but styled it out to look like a well-practised volley past the keeper.

So things we learnt….

  1. 45 is the new 25
  2. We can actually score goals
  3. We don’t have to concede short corners and goals every game
  4. In fact we don’t even have to let Nic touch the ball!
  5. There was a terrible mixup and I’m still waiting on my oreo milkshake…

WH&E M1 4 : 4 Osterley M1

The M1s played out an action-packed 4-all draw at home against Osterley, the visitors coming back from 4-2 down to equalise with a converted penalty corner on the final whistle. A frustrating finish for Winchmore who had dominated the game and largely managed to keep their cool after an off the ball incident early on set the tone for a challenging game, only for it to slip away in the last few minutes.

Lessons learned, a point gained and still top of the league after 3 weeks.

WH&E M2 1 : 3 Ealing M1

The M2s found themselves on the road to Ealing for a 1:15pm game. The team were strengthened by the surprise arrival of Dom.

The game started end-to-end but within minutes Theo (from right-back) found himself on the near post but unfortunately did not convert. Throughout the first half we had many chances down the right-hand side as Josh terrorised their left-back, but it wasn’t until a deep ball by Tom put into the D was converted first time by Luke.

The second half started the same with a few chances coming to us, but ultimately we could not convert the half-chances we received. Ealing however were growing into the game as they had changed their formation and chances started to fall for them. Unfortunately we ran out of gas as Ealing were able to counter-attack and got three goals all in fairly quick succession and nearer the end of the game. Their 4 substitutions really played a massive part.

MOTM: Tom Pearson. Despite the result, dominated the midfield and played a fantastic game. Got an assist too.

DOTD: Luke. Pre-match ankle injury. Don’t ask

No game for the L2s this week after their opposition conceded…

WH&E M1 1 : 5 Osterley M1

The M1s had their first game in a month and were raring to go at Southbury.

We started the first half on the front foot and worked the ball well up both wings, with both Tim Legierse and Jake Tasker being great outlets. The half continued to be end to end, with some great 1v1 battles developing across the pitch. 20 mins in Osterley broke well and found the back of the net and were up 0-1. The M1s responded very well – maintained the high press and won the ball in dangerous areas of the pitch. Asher was first to a loose ball and had a great effort from a tight angle saved by the Osterley keeper. Colin was first to react to the loose ball, and brought the game level. A tense end to the first half resulted with Osterley winning a short, and converting with a strike from the top of the D to provide them with the advantage at HT.

With lots of positives to take from the first half we felt there was definitely points on the table. Continuing to employ the high press from the first half, we started strongly and won a couple of short corners; one went just wide, and the other cleared to the halfway line. The latter of the two found Jake Tasker just inside the Osterley half, who found Jack Wilson unmarked in the Osterley D. With 30 mins of shooting practice prior to the game, he lined up the shot just inside the D… but alas, he missed the ball completely 😂 as well as a great opportunity to draw the game level. As we continued to push for a second goal we were punished with 2 more penalty goals against us, plus a lucky deflection which looped up over our keeper’s shoulder. A 5-1 defeat, but a scoreline that didn’t reflect our performance.

Big thanks to Beth & Pippa for umpiring, and Nick & Lisa for supporting during a gruesome afternoon at Southbury!

MOTM: Stuart Carrick – great 1v1 battle with the Osterley centre-forward

WH&E L2 1 : 2 Hendon & Mill Hill L2

On the back of last week’s win, the intrepid Ladies 2s team braved the cold wind and traffic jams to turn up to the game.

The first half of the match, we were trying to get our rhythm against a solid Hendon ladies side who were strong in the middle and on the attack. By the end of the first half Hendon had scored.

The second half was eventful and saw us come back with confidence, ready to take-on Hendon. We were challenging and tackling for the ball, and there was some good passing around the back.

During the second half, one of the umpires was injured which resulted in one of the Hendon ladies team umpiring the remainder of the match.

Our fantastic goal came from a great pass from Kate to Michelle who then slammed the ball into the goal and the goalkeeper couldn’t stop it.

Final score 2 – 1 to Hendon & Mill Hill.

No matches again this week for either the L1s or M2s ☹

WH&E L2 5 : 0 Hendon & Mill Hill L2

After weeks of narrowly missing a win or a draw would it be our day?

We were fired up, warmed up and even had the luxury of a vital sub. The match started smoothly with quick passing and movement off the ball to support. Everyone bringing their A game. It was only a matter of time before we crossed it in the d and Kareen finished it off with an accurate push in goal. 1-0 up, we were hopeful.

The first half continued with us having more possession of the ball and goals were being fired in left, right and centre. Hat trick for Kareen and goal for Abbi. 4-0 at half time.

We didn’t get ahead of ourselves in the second half as we had been up in previous matches and had lost, focus was key. Chris made an excellent run out of goal to kick the ball wide, still a clean sheet. Was this the match where everything clicked into place?

Still the clock was ticking and to secure the win Kylie struck the ball into the back of the net! An awaited 5-0 win after much patience, it was well worth the wait!!!

Let’s hope it’s the start of a winning streak…..

WH&E M1 2 : 6 Osterley M1

6-2 loss to a very efficient and well drilled Osterley team. We showed good resilience and played some really lovely passing hockey at times which showed a great development on last week’s performance, but were ultimately beaten by a stronger side.

Two goals scored was an encouraging part of it. A great short corner straight strike from Colin and equally accomplished finish from Jason Martins from a slipped ball to him on the left from another short.

Strong performance from Aidan at the back and Adam in the middle too.

Great food provided by the hosts afterwards and good to see more of us socialising after the games this season.

No matches for the Ladies 1s or Men’s 2s this week ☹