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Youth Coordinators

Karen Gray

Karen Gray

“I started playing hockey at senior school when I was almost 12, and properly got into it when we moved to The Netherlands and I joined the school team playing in a league against local Dutch clubs. I’ve played every Saturday of almost every season since I was 13, only missing a season and a half for two stints of travelling and two seasons when I was pregnant with my two children. Since I began playing hockey I’ve played for school teams, local clubs, the University team and now for Winchmore Hill and Enfield. I joined the club in 2002 when I moved to London, choosing it simply because my housemate cut an advert out of the local paper! Hockey’s a great sport and a very big part of my life.” juniors.whehockey@gmail.com

Lorna Robertson

Lorna Robertson (EH – Qualified)

“I joined Enfield Hockey Club in 1990 and have been playing ever since. Hockey is a very sociable sport and I have made some great friends through the club. I really enjoy coaching junior hockey and watching our clubs junior section go from strength to strength. My daughter, who is 13 plays for the club and my son (16) helps coach the kids on Sunday mornings.”


Charlotte Gonella (EH Qualified – Level 1)

“I started playing hockey when I was about 14 years old having always played football before. One day our goalkeeper didn’t show up so I went in goal- I didn’t make it out for a decade! I played in goal for John Snow College at university but since returning to the club I have tried to stay as far out of goal as possible by attempting to forge a career up front!I have been coaching the juniors since it restarted 6-7 years ago, and not content with Sundays, I became a teacher so I can do this all week too!”

Lisa Jobson

Lisa Jobson (EH Qualified)

“I started playing hockey at school with the hope that participation in as many sports as possible and not necessarily talent would help me secure the sought-after sports tie! (It did in case you were wondering). My time at WH&E began soon after when Charlotte dragged me along to Wednesday night training sessions – mainly because she needed someone to help her carry the GK kit across the playing fields. After a lengthy break (uni, travelling, laziness, injury), I dusted off my stick and astros after Charlotte (again!) took me to training telling me the 3s needed bodies for their match on Saturday. I’m forever grateful that she did because I didn’t quite realise what I’d been missing out on and I quickly fell back in love with hockey. I started helping out at Juniors at around the same time, although I probably learnt more at Juniors that first season than I actually helped. Over the past 5 seasons, I’ve really enjoyed watching our Juniors become proper little hockey players and especially seeing the girls moving onto adult league as vice-captain of the Ladies 2s.”

Gemma Luckman

Gemma Luckman (EH Qualified)

“I started playing hockey when I was 11 years old. I have played for schools, sixth form, university and club teams. Although the levels of play have ranged from the lowest division to representing the East of England, I have always found the same love for the game. This love comes not only from playing and coaching week in and out but from the great teams I have been a part of and the friendships I have made.”

Dom Smith

Dom Smith (EH Qualified)

“My first taste of hockey came at 12 or 13 years old courtesy of a teacher at our school who helped out in games lessons occasionally. He had a real passion for hockey and managed to get the boys playing hockey as an alternative to only football and cross country running in the winter. I still love playing now more than 30 years later! Hockey is not only a great sport, but by training and playing with older players at our local club I think I learnt many lessons that have helped me in life too. I now have a 12 year old son, William, who comes along on a Sunday morning and is picking up my passion for hockey. Seeing him and all the other children enjoying themselves and progressing week by week has brought me great pleasure.”

Nick Smith

Nick Smith (EH Qualified)

“I started playing hockey on grass (longer ago than I care to remember!) for what was then Enfield HC’s mini’s. Since that fateful sunday I have played for my School, Borough, County, College, Uni and Club – hockey is the constant in my life. I am willing to play wherever I’m needed, and that’s usually in goal or defence. Coaching on a Sunday is not only a way to do a bit for my club but is also great fun and probably helps improve my game understanding too.”