To spread the cost of playing, our members pay an upfront yearly subscription and weekly match fees. All training costs are included in the yearly membership fee, as is the weekly mixed session on the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at our clubhouse.

We offer special rates for students, goalkeepers with their own kits and juniors.

For information on subs for the 2017-2018 season, please email

Existing members – ways to pay:

1. Bank Transfer
Most people find it easier to pay their membership subscription using online banking. Just remember to type ‘HKY’ and your full name in the payment reference section it’s easier for us to track your payment. If you’re unsure of the account details, simply ask your Captain or Club Captain for a Subscription and Levies sheet.

2. Cheque
All cheques must be made payable to Winchmore Hill Sports Club. Remember to write ‘Hockey subs’ on the back of your cheque and hand it directly to the Treasurer, Lisa Jobson, by the due date. Alternatively, give it to your Captain.

3. Debit card
Subscriptions can be paid by card over the bar at the clubhouse. Simply make the bar staff aware you are paying your hockey subscriptions and remember to write ‘HOCKEY’ and your full name on the back of the club’s receipt before it goes in the till.

Instalment Plan
To help members spread the cost of their fees we have an easy-to-follow instalment plan.
This season’s instalment plan is as follows:
£50.00 – due by 1st October
£50.00 – due by 1st November
£50.00 – due by 1st December
If for any reason a member is unable to play more than 5 games, a reduced subscription is available.

Waiver of Match Levy:
If you umpire and play in the same weekend, we’ll waive your match fee as a thanks for your help.

If any member has difficulty in paying their subscription then they should contact the Treasurer, Lisa Jobson, to discuss alternative arrangements as soon as possible.

Membership Promotions

Member Get Member Scheme
Double Up Scheme