WH&E L1 5 : 0 Ashford

After a passive, sheepish 1st half the Ladies 1s really upped their game in the 2nd half to run away with a convincing 5-0 win!

Playing against bottom of the league Ashford meant that it was time to get some goals in, and we did just that. Only 1 in the first half from Karen Smith but a push in the 2nd half meant Karen Goode got 2, Helen Fenning got 1, and 1 for the skipper, Bethany.

Some highlights were…

Bethany; after receiving the ball into the D, she decided to simply fall to ground after no challenge whatsoever…

Luckily for Bethany, superstar on the right Karen Goode swept up the ball and slotted it into the goal.

Karen Goode’s 2nd goal about 2 minutes from the end of the match taken from the baseline at the edge of the D beautifully ending up in goal.

Freya’s beaut save in the beginning of the game when we weren’t quite playing our best.

Our hard work has paid off as we’ve just moved out of relegation zone.

Well done Ladies ♥

#dreamteam #fight #hockeyfamily

WH&E M2 4 : 0 Southgate Tankards Z

A bright and early start against a mature Southgate team. We started strong, with people finding space, putting in good passes and defending from the front. Spent a lot of the first half up their end pressuring their goal. This led to them making sloppy passes and giving the ball away frequently as they struggled to move up the pitch. One attack though did get all the way through to the goal, leading to a great looking save by Nick. Not quite so good from his perspective, as play was paused for a while as he checked he still had the full complement of equipment down below, nasty!

Ultimately, we scored 3 goals in the first half: A good deflection by Leo. Wonderful poaching at the far post by Thomas. The third was a fantastic bit of teamwork, some lovely passing interplay led to Thomas setting up Rafi.

The second half was harder. We weren’t quite as sharp, the opposition pressed higher and harder. Despite this they didn’t have many clear-cut chances, a lot of time was spent in gritty midfield play. Eventually Hitesh decided he’d had enough and some dirty play led to a green card and a short corner. We survived this and were soon having one up the other end. Dom duly dragged it into the goal and that was that.

Final score: 4-0.

MOTM: Thomas, good play on the right. Found space, played passes, tracked back, involved in two goals.
DOTD: Hitesh, taking up the green card mantle.

WH&E L2 4 : 2 Old Merchant Taylors L3

The Ladies 2s had a sleepy start with 11 on pitch and Gem playing kicking back. As Debs kitted up on the sidelines, OMTs made the most of it scoring an early goal from a short corner that bobbled just inside the post.

Undaunted, we were quick to respond with a centre pass to Charlotte who crossed it into the D for Abbi to sweep home. Hill woke up and both teams battled for the ball especially Mia and Kate who showed great grit in the centre. Some of our more experienced players (Pippa, Gem and Mich) were perhaps a little too over-enthusiastic and were spoken sternly to by the umpire. Naughty naughty! Our second goal came from an Ellie pass to Michelle who hit the backboard with a good-looking reverse sweep and we went into half time 2-1 up.

Sorry Ellie but I can’t really remember your goal which could have contributed to me thinking the game ended in a draw (DotD to me!). I think it was one of those scraggly, everyone in the D messes and Ellie slotted it in from close range. We stayed calm under sustained pressure from OMT, including quite a few short corners. Debs made some great saves but unfortunately one slipped through. That goal made for tense few minutes especially when we went down to ten players (tut tut Mich). Gem brought a sense of relief (to everyone apart from Lisa who somehow still thought it was 2-2) as she stonked the ball into the goal from a beautiful short corner strike.

We saw out the rest of the game comfortably but missed out on the cherry on top when a ‘Harry Stone’ tennis special whizzed just outside the post!

A good day all round. Well done ladies, what a great game.

WH&E M1 2 : 4 Vauxhall M1

Match report unprintable ?

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WH&E M1 6 : 0 Bishops Stortford M2

Winchmore dispatched top-of-the-table Potters Bar 5-1 last week and took that energy into their match against Bishops Stortford, a side that had pipped them 5-4 with a last minute goal back in October.

Stortford started the game with 10 after a player failed to add an ‘8’ after the ’N1’ on his satnav. Winchmore took advantage by dominating possession from the first whistle. They worked sensibly to move the ball around the pitch – particularly along the backline of Dray, Carrick and Franks – to tire their opponents. Stone, Lappin and Zeff worked the wide positions to offer plenty of opportunities to move the ball downfield.

Rewards were swift. Foad bagged two thumpers and provided an assist for Smith to tap in at the post from a short corner. Man-of-the-match Mall made mincemeat of the Stortford backline and scored a brace, including one that followed a quick-witted pounce on the centre-back after some sloppy ball control.

A 5-0 margin at half-time was a fair buffer between the sides. Winchmore set to work in the second to contain their opponents and strangle the game, but Stortford were restored to 11 and came out stronger. Gatting – who once again stepped up for the team and played in goal instead of the usual centre-back – was forced into some fine stops when called upon. Machray and Smith continued to control the middle and halted Stortford’s advances.

But it was Winchmore’s match and they capped it with a sixth goal from Sumner. And there could have been more. Foad was denied a hat trick with a short corner that was adjudged to have been hit above the height of the backboard (he claims to have footage of the incident – probably best not to bring it up).

The win lifts Winchmore to fourth and they have three more points than at the same stage last season. This weekend they’re looking to take their free-scoring run into the game against an ever-robust Vauxhall side and climb further up the table.

WH&E M2 1 : 1 WGC M3

The M2’s faced a tough game vs 4th place WGC on Saturday. Without the pivotal Dominic Smith in centre midfield the home side’s defence looked exposed. Winchmore were however creating chances in attack and a short corner was flicked home by Rob Dowling to give Winchmore the lead.

As the opposition became more and more frustrated the game heated up. Some clumsy work from the Welwyn defender resulted in 3 stitches for Rob Dowling thanks to a stick in the face. Losing Rob in the centre caused further frustration for Winchmore who now faced wave after wave of attacks from the opposition. Eventually with 5 minutes remaining the Welwyn attacker lost his man and fired past Nick in goal, leaving the score at 1-1.

The score remained at 1 each until the final whistle which was probably a fair score for both sides and leaves the 2s in 6th.

WH&E L1 2 : 2 Hampstead & Westminster L1

No match report, yet!

WH&E L2 1 : 1 West Hampstead L5

No match report, yet!

WH&E Mixed 2 : 5 Eastcote Mixed

WK16Mx2Despite frosty conditions in the morning, which put paid to our usual junior coaching session, the mixed team headed over to Northolt for a cup match with Eastcote in the England Hockey Mixed Tier 2 Championships.

2 minutes in Eastcote scored and it looked like we were going to be fighting an uphill battle after they scored a second not long after. But coach Gavin to the rescue scored to bring us to 2-1 and give the team a boost. A second by Leo in the 2nd half gave us further hope at 3-2, but Eastcote scored another couple making the final score 5-2.

Highlights of the game:

  1. Michael smashing the ball across the pitch into Bethany’s thigh
  2. Matt falling over a lot.
  3. Rachelle did not fall over!!!!!
  4. Samantha missed by an inch (more like a foot and a half)
  5. The return of Rosemary Basil Sparrey Wilkins to the Winchmore team gave us a great boost of energy!
  6. Homemade brownies post game

Well played everyone and looking forward to mixed hockey in the summer up at Broxbourne!!!

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WH&E M1 5 : 1 Potters Bar M2

A cold and damp day greeted the Men’s 1s for their first game of 2019 and for what represented the clash of Winchmore Hill & Enfield of today verses the Winchmore Hill & Enfield past (aka Potters Bar 2s).

Previous games between the sides have often brought a glut of goals, and usually for just one side, proffering no small amount of shame to the loser. Although WH&E M1s had triumphed in the friendly at the first game of the season, the league game two weeks later saw that reversed with a thumping 7-0 loss. On 12 January the opportunity for revenge was in sight, on home (Astro)turf, and with an eye to mirroring what happened last season with a large win.

The auguries however were murky. Only six players were confirmed at the start of the week. But, by Saturday a team emerged (including your scribe who could have elected not to play as he was chairing the AGM of the organisation he runs later that day but came to play the first half to stand up and be counted).

Faux WH&E – sorry I mean PB – started strongly and put pressure on WH&E with Nick Smith producing a string of fine saves. Former WH&E player Nick Umney went closest for PB with a powerful volley at the top of the ‘D’.

However, WH&E were not exempt from their own pressure and with Stuart bringing the ball out from defence as well as Adam doing similarly, and with running and pressure from Colin, Tim and Jake upfront and supported by John and Harry on the left and right respectively.

But, despite the chances and PB getting a little rattled – with the familiar arguments among their team commencing – the Opposition scored. Further battling by both sides ensued. Some substitutions took place and the first 35 min were duly reached, with the umpires Beth and Chris blowing time (thank for umpiring as always!).

Perhaps the performance of WH&E in the first half had tired the PB players as the second half produced something quite extraordinary. Alas, it is hard to convey the stupendous events as your scribe had departed at half-time (duly receiving DOTD for this despite, as said, coming to the game to help things out).

So, the humble reader will only have their imagination to conjure the amazing play that is said to have taken place. To paraphrase the start of Dickens’ Hard Times, it is only facts that we have, and that have been conveyed to this match writer. For the record:

Tim scored two, with one assisted by Matt. Leo scored two, with one assisted by ‘un pied’. Harry Stone scored one assisted by a tennis stroke reminiscent of Murray in full pomp.

The result 5-1. PB vanquished. Mo Umney letting in five. The league leaders toppled. WH&E rightly winners and the tightness of the table has been brought ever more into focus with the top eight separated by six points, and from third to eight, just three points. Onto Bishops Stortford this Saturday. A rise for WH&E to the upper reaches of the table could beckon.

 WH&E L1 3 : 4 Staines L1

As the score reflects, it was a tight, competitive match for the ladies 1s on Saturday as we were up against an argy bargy Staines.

4 goals to Staines
3 goals to WH&E
2 of ours beautifully executed from short corners Gemma Gatting & Caroline Briers
1 green card for Talyssa Mensah

Some highlights of the game include Lisa Jobson shouting in disbelief from the sideline when we were unluckily given a short corner where a penalty flick would have been more appropriate as a Staines player saved a strong ball from Samantha Lucy on the line with her kneecap on the ground; Bethany’s satisfying last minute goal with 30 seconds of the match left and the cheering crowd we had that really boosted us in the latter part of the 2nd half when we were getting tired.

MOTM to Gemma for a really strong game, great defending, fabulous runs to support up front and a well-executed short corner strike to goal.

DOTD to Talyssa for getting a green card.

We’ll keep on fighting!

WH&E L2 0 – 6 Teddington L5

It was an early start for the ladies 2’s, heading to Teddington to versus top of the league. After trouble with parking and eventually getting warmed up, we came out fighting with great play, particularly from the defence. This frustrated Teddington forcing them to push hard and play faster. We held them off with fab saves from Deb (only her second match) but the goals started coming left, right and centre!!!

The final result was 6-0 but at least the friendly opposition and tasty teas (even chocolate cake!) softened the blow!!!

Roll on next week!

No match for the M2s this week.


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WH&E L1 1 : 2 Hendon & Mill Hill L1

First match back after Christmas against Hendon & Mill Hill 1s but actually you couldn’t quite tell how much turkey and chocolates the Ladies 1s had eaten over the festive period as we came out fighting. With no subs and a month break from hockey, our tactics were to let the ball do most of the work…

But the adrenaline kept us going. We had many near misses early on that kept us hopeful and we kept pushing for more. Hendon were also fighting too, though and a short corner in the first half gave them the upper hand and sent them 1-0 up.

However, we retaliated in the 2nd half with a beautiful ball in from Samantha Lucy which was put in the back of the goal from an excellently placed Karen Smith. Unfortunately we then had a moment, left one of their players free in our D to send them 2-1 up.

Then more drama as we defend and accidentally stop a ball on the goal line to create a penalty flick opportunity for the opposition. So here we go, Charlotte vs Hendon Captain. The moment is tense. This could be a deal breaker. Everyone goes silent. The striker takes the ball…SAVED!!! Man of the match decided in that moment. An amazing save, and not the only one in the match. A dramatic dive to save a strike earlier in the match was also magical.

The match ended 2-1. A tough one but we know what we need to work on.

Dick of the day to Sarah E-Q due to when she was hit in the nose with the ball and we stopped time for her, she was more concerned about the fact she hadn’t turned on her Fitbit yet ?

WH&E L2 0 – 0 Eastcote L5

The ladies 2s first game back was a positive affair just lacking that “eye of the tiger” attitude. We played well for 90% of the pitch, especially Romy who had a blinding game as right back – new shoes, new stick – thank you Santa! Unfortunately, the 10% was all in their D and we couldn’t put away some excellent chances from Charlotte and Kate.

On the plus side we didn’t let any in, even with the highly experimental defending of short corners, which almost gave me (Lisa) a heart attack.

All in all, 0-0 was a disappointing but fair result.

No men’s matches this week – the M1s return to action on 12th January and the M2s on the 19th.

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